Who we are

The company, founded in 2014 by the current CEO, was based on the highly specialized knowledge of Siebel (now Oracle Siebel) which allowed it to train personnel to be employed by our current customers and create professional software to support them. Continuous innovation has led to the training of many people, allowing them to diversify their vision over time, now becoming a full-fledged Software Factory. Furthermore, MacSun is now part of the SiliconDev S.p.A. group.


We study, design and create application solutions for respond to the real needs of the companies' core business.


We study and use innovative technologies to create solutions capable of guaranteeing customers efficiency, safety, flexibility, efficiency and high quality standard.

Ideas & Progress

The investment of great energies intellectuals, combined with innovation technology allow us to contribute to the realization of a better society, with the creation of products and services ad high added value.


MacSun is a dynamic and motivated Italian company that offers consultancy services, System Integration and digital services, in the Information Technology field. MacSun was born from the desire to combine the passion for technologies and the continuous improvement to personnel of excellence to give life to a way new to approaching technological innovation. For us, quality is a constant goal to be pursued with professionalism, proactive approach, optimization of products and processes to achieve the satisfaction of customer needs and expectations. Performance and innovation to offer customers the best of our products, solutions and services and be a reference reliable, always. Because for us planning is understood as ability to anticipate the best solutions.