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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

In addition, there are many other reasons you should hire a professional resume writer:

1. Accuracy and Representation: You will feel great sending out your professional resume when applying for jobs knowing that not only does it accurately represent your most noteworthy skills and achievements, there are also no errors, it is grammatically correct and in the preferred format.

2. Time: How long does it take you to prepare your resume? A couple of hours? 10? Taking time out of your busy day to sit down and write your own resume is extremely time consuming. Why not hire a professional and spend your time building your network or beginning to ‘pound the pavement’ and job search?

3. Cost: Consider how much it will cost you to be not only spend time writing your resume (as pointed out in bullet 2), but also the duration it takes you to land your next job. If you’re unemployed you know just how crucial it is to start receiving a paycheck. Having a professional write your resume may reduce the time it takes you to land that job. Or if you’re in a job but know you’re underpaid, consider how nice that extra pay bump will be when you make your next move. Sometimes it pays to put a little money into something to get a bigger return. Having a professionally written resume may also boost your pay range and get you an even bigger bonus!

4. Visibility to Employers: Hand in hand with the above few bullets, you may find that if your resume is not a high-impact, job winning resume, you will consistently be passed over by hiring managers. This again cuts into your time as you are spending more hours’ job searching than necessary. Having a well-tailored, well-written resume immediately catches the eye of hiring managers and you may find that even if you don’t ‘fit’ the position exactly, you’ll be called in because you represent yourself so well on paper.

5. The art of “Talking about yourself”: How comfortable are you at bragging or boasting about your skills and achievements? Do you undersell yourself because you are timid or find it difficult to discuss how good you are? Do you know what achievements are actually considered interesting and useful to hiring managers? Professional resume writers can sit down with you and discuss in a comfortable environment what your skills and achievements are and then turn them into winning bullet points on your resume. If you wrote your resume, would you know how to electrify your amazingness!?

6. Keywords: It’s true, keywords are extremely important on resumes. They’re the ’buzz words’ or the quick items that all hiring managers look for. Do you insert them in your resume or insert them in correctly? Not everyone possesses the gift of writing. We all know our strengths and of course our weaknesses. Your resume is undoubtedly one of the most crucial documents for your future – why not have a professional help you achieve your career goals?

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